Saturday, June 25, 2011

Portfolio update

Its been kind of quite here isn’t it? Well, with a young baby it sometimes gets harder to find time for anything else, but I thought I will take a quick moment and post about what I have been up to.


So as I already mentioned previously that I have been a little bearish on the market and even tried to short CCRN and LHCG. I ended up getting a fill on CCRN but then was stopped out by my trailing stop with a small profit. Other than that I have been avoiding the market as I think it has still some ways to go in the latest correction. With that said, here’s how my portfolio looking like as of 6/19/2011.


JUNE portfoio preformance vs index


IHML : down -0.42% vs S&P500 down –6.20%

Not bad but not good either. Again my goal is to win in absolute terms so losing money is no good even if I am outperforming the indexes.

Here is the transaction history since the last update.

Portfolio update CCRM ETO


CCRN short earned me some $115 or so. ETO has been added to my income portfolio (more on that below) Other than that just got some dividend earnings from ETO and PDLI.


As I mentioned just now, I am planning to split the initial $100k into two distinct portfolios. $50k in an income portfolio and $50k in a trading portfolio. I have the initial capital spread across multiple accounts. $20k of the initial $100k is in IRA (traditional and ROTH) accounts which are ideal place for income or long term holdings for gaining tax advantages. I still need to update my tracking system to reflect this change.


I am also in the process of writing a light weight trading strategy backtesting software using C# and .Net. I evaluated multiple platforms in this space and most of these software I believe do NOT provide true portfolio level backtesting capabilities. My goal is to have something as close to real markets as possible so that I can paper trade and eventually automate my strategy in real time. More on that later..


Lots on my mind. Just need to streamline my thoughts, find some focused time and act on them!


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